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3 Things!: 1.) I love how you can take criticism about your character and writing, some of which in the past has been hateful. It shows inner strength and restraint. 2.) I love your character, you play her for yourself and not to please other, very done. 3.) You took a break, and are now coming back and a lot of people don;t do that. The breaks become permanentm but you're willing to take another shot

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I didn’t expect this at all.. I didn’t think anyone remembered me but.. Oh my goodness my heart! -Huggles face!- 

3 things back! 

1.) I love who you are OOCly, although we might not be close, I consider you to be a courageous person with an absolute amount of intelligence.

2.) I love your toon, I remember when we’d send each other prompts. Hehe, :3 we should do that again!

3.) Never a quitter.(: 

ALSO, it looks like I will not be bringing Khey’endria back.. But fear not! I have another toon who is involved with Khey’endria’s life, and this’ll take on a resemblance to her. Except, this girl is older and she is going to be Xin’thalore’s sister. Unblooded, since he was taken in from house Van’analesh. However, (: I’m excited. I was really happy when revarik helped me figure out how to bring Khey back, but it looks like she’ll be paused for a little while as I situate all of that..

I hope, I really do hope this new girl gets some great friends like Khey did, and I really do hope I don’t mess up this time. Khey was my favorite character I’ve ever played, and I wish I kept her around more but one day, she’ll return. For now, it’s time for Xyl’eneria. x3 I’ll make a tumblr for her sometime soon.(: 

PHEW, THAT WAS A BIT TOO BIG FOR A RESPONSE. HOWEVER. <3 I love you, mate.<3 Let’s start talkin’ again!:) 

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And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?

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Hey everyone. {: Does anyone at all remember my blog? XD However… I have some exciting writing coming up for everyone. ;3 I hope you’re all ready! And hopefully you guys recall me. <3 I’m back, bbies.{: }}

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I’m Back, BBies! <Tumblr Revamp INC.>


Hey everyone. {: Does anyone at all remember my blog? XD However… I have some exciting writing coming up for everyone. ;3 I hope you’re all ready! And hopefully you guys recall me. <3 I’m back, bbies.{: }}

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I’m Back, BBies! <Tumblr Revamp INC.>

Hey everyone. {: Does anyone at all remember my blog? XD However… I have some exciting writing coming up for everyone. ;3 I hope you’re all ready! And hopefully you guys recall me. <3 I’m back, bbies.{: }}

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I’m trying to find someone else for Aulivia’s FC only because I want a more… sweeter and less sassy-esque look for her. Though, I do love Natalie! 

I’ve been searching FOREVER but hopefully you guys could help me? :o I was thinking of Miranda Kerr but honestly I’m brain dead. Help? >: }}

{{Note from Khey'endria.}} "Dear Mercenary, you never told me your name. And I suppose this is quite informal but I do want to let you know something. I might have not mattered much to you, but you mattered a whole lot to me. I will not be around sometime soon, and when you get this... It means that the deed has been done. I will be gone... I wanted to thank you for the smiles and the joy you gave me. Thank you. Love, Khey."

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"If she only knew…" He quietly said to himself as he took the note and he folded it. It was placed inside his coat pocket where it would remain for the rest of it’s time. The memory of the woman would never be forgotten and she had a huge impact on his life. "I won’t make it to heaven to see you. So, smile for me when you get there. I’ll be looking for it in the stars."

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{Letter from Khey!}} "Friend, do you remember me? The friend you went through that blizzard with.. That friend who never accepted you until you saved her life? I suppose you might not, but that is okay. I wanted to thank you for coming into my life. You will always be close to my heart, and the memories were great. This letter... When this comes to you, this will be the queue of my death. Please keep being the warrior that you are. Love, Khey."

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Rynov peered down at the letter with a solemn sigh. He had been working non-stop on different projects lately and while caught up in that had seemingly disconnected from others. Sitting on a stool in his personal forge, he took a long look at the writing. He remembered it all so clearly. He zoned out for a moment, letting the memories flash by. 

He paced around before moving to his room, sitting down at his desk and taking some paper as well as a pen and setting them down in front of himself. 


I wish I could’ve sent this sooner. I remember every moment I spent at your side. I regret being unable to be there for you untimely demise, I..could have prevented it, maybe..I feel guilty for letting my work take over, I unknowingly severed the ties and bonds I had with my friends, especially you. Our first meetings were…interesting ones, but I knew from the start that we might, just might be allies and even close friends. From our little fight against each other to the battle in the snow against those feline foes. You helped me in my time of need, when my mind was unhinged, and yet-

He’d rub the bridge of his nose as he close his eyes and hung his head low. Taking a deep breath, he steadied his hand, opened his eyes and began to write again

-I could not be there for your own time of need. But for your memory, I will be that warrior, I can promise you that. I know, that in spirit, you will be out there, watching over me, and I will do my best.

Your friend, in this world and the next,


He went to his window, his eyes glistening ever so slightly as he opened it. He looked at the letter. He sealed it and whistled into the distance, a snowy white bird landing on the dresser near the window. He looked at the bird with a small smile and attached the letter to it. 

"Go where you feel it needs to go"

And with that, the bird gave a bit of a knowing nod and flew away, out the window and off into the distance.

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Incoming multiple letters to the people in Khey’s life. These letters were sent on queue with her death, enchanted to. They are yellow parchments due to them being old and crumpled but when she died the enchantment on them did it’s job and shit.<3 }


Khey’endria’s back slammed against the wall with the brutal force of the warrior who was before her. His hand clenched the dagger in his right hand, slicing her forehead nicely then shoved the blade against her neck. “Did you really think that Aliseras cared about you? She wasn’t the one being attacked. She’s fine, and she is with us. Her crew. Do you know what you did to our Captain? You stole her man away and hurt her.As he started to press the blade into her neck, Aliseras’ heels chimed into the room and her hips swayed. She hissed at her little dog, telling him to scadoodle off. 

Khey fell onto the floor, beginning to cry to herself. She couldn’t contain it, for the past twenty-six days she has been tortured over and over again. The one time they give time for her to heel and regain her energy, this happens. All she thought of was Shiranai. She thought of how he was, she swore to come back home. 

She knew it was a lie to begin with. 

You little Inquisitor bitch. Look at you. Such a goodie-two shoes that you can’t even try and hurt me. Pathetic scum, wasting your abilities. Shiranai isn’t here to cheer you on, he isn’t here to kiss you. Besides, if he was, then you’d still taste me on him.Aliseras grabbed the blonde headed priestess’ neck, forcing her up the wall. She leaned in, looking straight into those green eyes that replicated her own. “Crying like the weak and fragile bitch you are. Who did you think you were? Some miracle worker? You thought because people liked you back in Silvermoon you were some high-classed woman? No. You are nothing to those men. Those men you call your friends saw you for the piece of ass you have. They saw you for your boobs, for your body. They never saw you for your words, hah. Shiranai didn’t either. Think about it, your man had sex with me twice and how many times did you two have sex? Once.

Khey held back her tears, sniffling hard. She kept her eyes on Aliseras’ own, lips twitching. She hated thinking of when Shiranai cheated on her, she hated knowing it. She hated the fact that Shiranai made her feel used and worthless, but her heart belonged to him. Even if he did that, he still came home to her. He still held her and kissed her, he told her he loved her. He wasn’t playing her, she knew it. All she thought of was looking at the door and wishing that Shiranai would pop up and save her. But then her mind began to play the devil’s advocate and she began to wonder if Shiranai was apart of this game. Broken, beaten. Her soul crushed and heart darkened. What did she have left in life besides him? Someone who could move on from her? No one. Not a single person.

She began to think of Xin’thalore, wondering if he noticed his cousin has been gone. She wondered if revarik, her wonderful Mercenary friend realized that his blonde-friend who constantly hugged him from behind at the Blacksmither’s has gone missing. She started to think of so many people, did they even miss her? Were they out here looking for her?

Deep down, she knew that wasn’t true. None of them were, she was nothing. Whether she was a friend or not, even with those great memories she was still nothing. She kept reminding herself that even Shiranai left her for her old roommate… But he came back. He came back and kissed her, held her. 

Suddenly the thrashing thoughts stopped and she was pulled up and shoved into the arms of two men who held her back from launching or doing anything to Aliseras. 

The Roguess grabbed her gun, pointing it at Khey’s forehead then drew it down to the woman’s right leg and pulled the trigger. Bang, like that. The shrilling scream and cry of Khey filled the room. She was helpless, useless. Her magic wasn’t strong enough. 

The resurrection she casted on Ael’dan took away most of her power. The half she has right now wasn’t strong enough to do much besides smile; and still. That’d do no damage. It’d still hurt her. 

Khey fell began to wobble in the two men’s arms. Out of no where, her head swung to the left and a nice upper-cut associated by that sucker punch was given. Her face began to grow bloody and her cheeks were puffy. 

Aliseras smirked, shoving her foot right into Khey’s stomach; forcing her back but the men kept her steady. She watched Khey cough up blood, plead. She heard her, and it did nothing to her. When did a maniac ever become sane? Never. 

Khey started breathing heavily and suddenly another bullet went off; right into her right arm. Blood was spilling everywhere. Then… Before she knew it, Khey’endria was stabbed right through the gut. 

Alis kept her hand on the sword, pulling the blonde female up with the blade; then slowly she took it out with multiple and gruesome wiggles. What are your last words?

Things grew dark for Khey, her eyelids were heavy and she began to sink against Alis who stepped back and let her fall to the ground, shriveled up like a worm. Nothing passed her lips besides her last breath. Her last gasp… Tears fell down her cheeks then suddenly it stopped. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she was dead.

Lights out. 


Within about five hours of Khey’endria’s death; she was put into a coffin and brought to the door of her house. A male who wore leather knocked on the door, expecting someone to get it. 

The silk-white interiored oakwood coffin was open with her bloody body inside. Her tan was pale and her lips were purple. In the middle of her chest was a dagger that held a note for Shiranai and Mithos. 

"Dear Shiranai, 

You should have never fucked with my heart. You hurt mine, and I hurt yours. Plus, when you called me a psychotic bitch you’ve never been so accurate in your life. 

Enjoy your late night present, lovely. I enjoyed our time in bed together..

Ah, and yes. If you try to find someone to heal her or resurrect her; you will find that to be a complete failiure. Because if you open the black box under her right hand and open it; you will find that heart of hers.

She did come back to you, just not alive.

Ah, do tell Mithos this news too, thanks. 



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"Thank you." Khey'endria curls her arms around Revarik' back, pecking his shoulderblade. "Never lose yourself."

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There was only one person that voice could belong to. This led the Mercenary to turn around and his eyes lit up upon seeing Khey’endria. "You’re welcome?" He said with an inquiring melody. Regardless, there was a reason why she’d say such and she probably wouldn’t go into the details. So, in light of this Revarik drew her against him with a single arm and lifted her chin with his other hand. "Not a chance in hell, lover. Stay solid," he replied with a gentle kiss to her temple. He couldn’t stay long but the weight of his statement carried a heavy promise.